Our lives are full of distractions and a strong tendency toward being overwhelmed. Busy entrepreneurs and executives are faced with this challenge consistently.
You and I know that’s not how it should be. Yeah there’s a lot of stuff in life, but our lives were created for a purpose. We were uniquely created to do something and to do it very, very well.
In today’s video I have two simple yet powerful questions to help you gain some clarity and get a greater degree of focus. These questions will lead you toward fulfillment and achieving your purpose.
It’s not about being less busy so much as it’s about being more purposeful about the use of your time, talents, and treasure. Watch now and give me some feedback.
If you’re having trouble viewing the video with the link above, watch it on my YouTube Channel.
Question: How would you answer the first question I gave you in the video? Share your answer in the Comment section.