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How to Achieve Greatness as a Leader

Whether you’re a top level executive at a global company or the owner of a small business, if you’ve been successful in the early years of your career, you likely did it the same way. You were extremely good at what you did.


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You had (and may still possess) a strong technical ability in some area.


I have a client who was a great roofer. I have another client who was great at fixing computers and setting up networks. I have yet another client who was an outstanding estimator and project manager. And because of these qualities their companies grew. I’ve experienced the same thing in building my business.


But at some point, your greatness hits a wall. You’re only one person and you can only do so much. It’s called capacity. One person can only produce so much work in 40-50 hours, no matter how good they are and no matter what efficiencies they may gain.


Oh I guess you could work 60-80 hours per week. That would increase your capacity…or would it? At some point a person reaches the place of diminishing returns, not to mention the need for some level of work-life balance.


After all that, let’s face it; being a great leader is not determined by how much work you produce. It comes from something else entirely.


So, what makes a leader great? There are two things.

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Personal Development

A Disturbing Trend We Need to Reverse

I‘ve noticed something troubling over the last few months that we need to fix. I’m encountering too many senior leaders who are shooting themselves in the foot and it’s painful to watch.   In today’s video I want to share with you two things we can do to turn the tide and get our ships moving in the right direction for the sake of our todays and, even more importantly, for our tomorrows.   So, if you’re a CEO or other senior leader, I strongly encourage you to watch. And I’d love your interaction on this topic because it’s important to all of us.   Question: What’s the biggest stumbling block for you regarding this topic? [question]reverse-the-trend[/question]  
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Two Reasons For Embracing What’s Difficult

No one goes out looking for difficulty. Why would we? But, at the same time we shouldn’t run away from it either.   In today’s video I talk about two reasons why you and I should embrace what’s difficult.   If you’re willing for this, the payoff is likely much more than what you could ever imagine. Watch it now.   Question: What challenge have you faced and overcome that you are most grateful for? [question]embrace-the-difficult[/question]  
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Don’t Fall Into This Trap

  Whatever you do, don’t fall into this trap. It’s one of the easiest ones to get snagged by because of all the demands on your time and energy. If you’re not careful it’ll sneak up on you and grab you.   Watch today’s video to find out what it is and the better alternative. It will make all the difference in the level of impact you’re able to make on the organizations and people that matter most to you.   It’ll only take a minute so watch it now. And, give me some feedback by entering a comment below.   Question: How are you avoiding this trap? [question]dont-get-trapped[/question]
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Two Best Ways to Fail in Building Trust


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