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Why Daily Conversations Make All the Difference in Your Leadership

The search for something extraordinary is very enticing. People follow the latest fads and trends hoping for a dramatic breakthrough. We all know there is no such thing as a “get rich quick” scheme, but many secretly hope there is and are constantly scanning the environment for it.


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It is easy to get distracted. Whether the ideas come from a great book everyone is reading, from a high energy conference you just attended, or an especially inspiring leadership forum in which you participated, we are always coming across potential “silver bullets.”

However, great leaders have discovered that sustainable success in their business is usually not the result of extraordinary bursts of performance, but rather the ability to do the simple things well on a consistent basis. The same is true for successful leadership.

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A “Must Have” for Great Leadership

A number of years ago our family took a vacation on the East Coast. We laughed, cried, and learned while facing and overcoming challenges together. All that, while enjoying a considerable amount of exciting U.S. history.


Teams Face Challenges

One of the challenges we faced was packing up our seriously overloaded van to move from our Williamsburg campsite to a campsite near Washington D.C. I was more intent on van packing rather than people leading. A fun time was not had by all (Mama ain’t happy, daddy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy). You get the picture. Maybe you can even say, “been there, done that.”

But when I stepped back and decided to involve the packers in the process, paying attention to and affirming the contributions of those involved and actively helping foster healthy attitudes, the relational landscape changed immediately.

As I reflect upon that experience, one thing very clear to me is that the strength of my relationships with my team (or family) members is the key to my effectiveness as a leader. Otherwise I create an effective mess. When I concentrate first and foremost on relationships, things flow more smoothly and the desired outcome is achieved in a much better, and more enjoyable, fashion.


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An incredible example of this occurred in 1803. Lewis and Clark headed out with the more than twenty men who made up The Corps of Discovery to explore the Missouri River basin by crossing over the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. These men signed up knowing that death was a definite possibility, and difficulty was guaranteed.

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How To Successfully Turn Raw Talent Into Functional Strength

Talent. It has become an extremely hot topic in business. Talent acquisition and retention are high on every leader’s agenda. We are all striving to find the best in an obviously shrinking pool.


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But, if we stop with the idea of finding and keeping talented people we will fall short of what is ultimately needed. I once read in a leadership blog that research by K. Anders Ericsson and colleagues concludes that it is deliberate practice that produces great performers, not simply raw talent.

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. We Chicago Bulls fans have no doubt. Years ago I regularly heard sports talk-show hosts and basketball analysts discussing who would be the next Michael Jordan. Would it be Kobe or LeBron? As a leader, the real question for me was, “What made Jordan so great?”

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One Essential Ingredient to Motivating and Inspiring Your Team

You were meant to be here tonight…This is your time!”


Unknown Source

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4 Simple Ways To Be An Anchor in the Storm

The last seven years have proven to be some very challenging economic times. If your leadership had never been severely tested in the past, I am fairly certain that it has been over these years. If not, the test will come.


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People everywhere are looking to their leaders to provide a sense of security and stability. Although this has been particularly true in the historical downturns in our economy, the research done by Gallup shows this to be a consistent desire people have regarding their leaders. Let’s take a look at four simple ways you can be an anchor in the storm.

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