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Four Ways to Keep Your Best People From Jumping Ship

How do I keep my best people?



For many leaders like you this is a constant anxiety. Many small businesses, which are the economic engine in this country, are dependent on a few key human resources to make them run and be successful. These are people who have been with you, possibly since the beginning, and in whom you have invested amazing amounts of time, energy and money.

You are probably asking, “But, how do I encourage them to stay? How do I make it worth their while and still turn a decent profit?”

According to the Gallup organization, who has done extensive research on the subject, money is not the answer. Employee engagement is the key. I define employee engagement as a person who is fully invested, both mentally and emotionally in your company. They are all in.

And, you, the leader, have the ability to create the kind of environment that will make them want to stay. Here are the four most important things you can do.

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Four Reasons Powerful Questions Are So…Powerful!

There are three questions that still stick out in my mind that were significant in the original formation of my business. One of my coaches asked me, “What are you passionate about?” One of my mentors asked me, “What are the 10-15 most significant accomplishments in your life?” and “What made them significant to you?”



These, and other questions like them, have been essential in helping my business ideas take shape and produce overwhelmingly positive results. You can create these kinds of results for your own team (and family) by learning how to master this skill.

Over the last month I have communicated to you: 1) the importance of your ordinary, daily conversations, 2) some important do’s and don’ts in formulating powerful questions, and 3) the types of questions that can actually damage your leadership. Today we wrap up this short series on powerful questions by looking at four reasons they pack such power.

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Don’t Ask These Damaging Types of Questions

There are questions that breathe life into the people on your team and your conversations. These questions bring out the best in them and have the potential to make the conversation interesting and even deeply meaningful. These are the kinds of conversations that lead to innovative solutions and to the growth of that team member.

Then there are questions that suck the meaningfulness right out of the air. They leave the other person feeling flat and listless. I wrote to you last week about the fact that asking powerful questions will undoubtedly lift your leadership to another level. And I have experienced that personally and professionally. But there are land mines out there of which you need to be aware. There are traps that you can easily step into that can actually cause damage in your relationships.


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The problem is that the ineffective questions come so naturally. We have all learned a series of bad habits. So, here are the questions to avoid…

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A Guaranteed Lift To Your Leadership

W hen I started my own business eight years ago, I left a team that was reluctant to let me go. Their loyalty to me was sincere. But even though I had a genuine care for the individuals that I managed, there were also tools that enabled me to demonstrate that to my team.



Two weeks ago I stated that the strength of your relationships will determine the amount of leadership capacity you possess. Last week I wrote about the importance of your ordinary daily conversations and how they have the power to strengthen the relationships you have within your team.

While I emphasized the importance of listening, that’s only half of the formula for great conversations. Certainly intentional, skilled listening is critical to healthy relationships, but there is a partner skill that, if you master it, will lift your leadership to new levels. Guaranteed.

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Why Daily Conversations Make All the Difference in Your Leadership

The search for something extraordinary is very enticing. People follow the latest fads and trends hoping for a dramatic breakthrough. We all know there is no such thing as a “get rich quick” scheme, but many secretly hope there is and are constantly scanning the environment for it.


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It is easy to get distracted. Whether the ideas come from a great book everyone is reading, from a high energy conference you just attended, or an especially inspiring leadership forum in which you participated, we are always coming across potential “silver bullets.”

However, great leaders have discovered that sustainable success in their business is usually not the result of extraordinary bursts of performance, but rather the ability to do the simple things well on a consistent basis. The same is true for successful leadership.

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